Lawn Irrigation

Quality lawn irrigation begins with a proper design.  To achieve a cost efficient installation and water usage over time it must be custom designed with specs from your yard regarding water flow and pressure available. We at Steppingstone Landscape start with this information to build a quality sprinkler system that gives you a healthier lawn with minimal effort.


  • “Head-to-Head” Coverage:  Ensures an even precipitation rate so that no area of the lawn is left without proper coverage.
  • Proper Burial Depth:  All water lines are installed in open trenches to insure proper depth of burial.
  • Avoiding Settling:  Once plumbing is finished we water pack the trenches to avoid settling once the project is complete.
  • Self Draining:  Residential systems are installed  “self-draining” or “gravity-draining”  so a compressor is not needed to winterize the system.  This  saves  money every fall by allowing the homeowner to winterize it themselves if they choose.
  • Drip Lines:  By using drip lines in the planting beds, we can reduce total number of zones and save water compared to spraying beds with lawn sprinklers.
  • Quality Products:  Though most of the products we use are Rain Bird, we find the best product that fits the specific need of a project.
  • Expert Design:  Having been trained in Colorado, a dry climate where watering is not an option, I have the expertise to design and install the best quality irrigation in the Parkland.