Retaining Walls

Retaining walls come in all sizes, colors, and textures.  Steppingstone Landscape can help you find the look you want with the structural integrity you need.  From large hillsides being turned into usable space, to small decorative walls that accent a planting planting beds, we have choices.

  • Utility and Beauty:  No matter what the purpose of the retaining wall.  We can design a wall that is useful and beautifully designed.
  • Manufactured Block:  Professional Installation with custom cut caps for that finished look on all our walls.
    • Anchor
    • Belgard
    • Rockwood
    • Paveloc
    • Unilock
    • And Others — If our normal suppliers don’t carry a brand you know you want we will find one that does.
  • Natural Stone:  With 2 suppliers in general area, there is a great selection of natural stone. From rough, mossy covered ledge-rock and boulders to split limestone with sawn top and bottom, we can achieve the look you want.
    • Blue limestone
    • Rocky Mountain Rose
    • EW Gold
    • Blue River
    • Hickory Gray
    • Weathered Fieldstone
    • And many, many more.
  • Stairs:  Integrate some steps in your wall for easy access between terraces of any wall built with 6” manufactured block or equivalent size of natural stone.
  • Quality Construction:  It is not what you see, it is what you don’t see that is important when constructing a retaining wall.   All larger walls (6” block) are set on base of 3-4 in. of gravel with at least half a block being buried.   For taller walls (where application deems necessary) we back-fill with clean gravel to minimize hydraulic pressure pushing against the wall.  Smaller walls (4” block) are also set with at least half the block being buried and a leveling material is used when applicable.  Quality must start at the base.