About Us

Steppingstone Landscape LLC

Founded in 2008

Nathan McCasland, Owner



  • The Beginning:  In 1993, I started my landscape career, as a high school student, working for Lindgren Landscaping in Brighton, CO.  I received most of my training from the great team there.  Owner, Ron Lindgren had an eye for detail and expected only the highest quality of work from us.  Within 2 years, I was training the new team members.  As a summer job during college, I led the 2nd crew as foreman.
  • During College:  Between 1997 and 1999, I worked part time for a couple different landscape companies in Illinois,  returning to Lindgren Landscaping in Colorado for the summers.  In 2000, a friend and I started our own business, Living Art Landscaping, based in Rock Island, IL.   Upon graduation from college in 2002, I sold my business and  moved to Missouri.
  • Working in the Parkland:
    • 2002-2004—I started out working on the landscape crew for Fox Farm Nursery in 2002, and continued there until they shut down the landscape portion of the business in 2004.
    • 2004-2008—In 2004, I went to work landscaping for Dave Fox of Stepping Stone Ventures Inc.  A career change for Dave Fox in 2008 led to the closing of Steppingstone Ventures Inc.
    • 2008-Present—In 2008, I decided that it was time to work directly with you, the customer once again.  My experience in the landscape field along with my attention to detail has allowed me to offer the highest quality landscape installation in the Parkland since the fall of 2008.




  • Interests:  I grew up in Colorado and developed a love for the outdoors.  I enjoy hiking, hunting, and camping.  I love working with my hands and various forms of art.  Landscaping was a natural fit when the opportunity presented itself while I was in high school.
  • Higher Education:  I attended Bible Missionary Institute, a private church college, and God led me into the ministry.  Upon graduation in 2002, I accepted my first pastorate of a small newly started church in Leadington, MO.
  • Where I am now:  I continued landscaping as means of support for my family while pastoring.  Since my resignation from the church in the fall of 2012, I have focused all my time on Steppingstone Landscape, LLC.